How did stocks perform in 2020?

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Feb 17, 2021
6:00 PM EST


What drove market performance in 2020?

Where are we now?

Bryan Slovon will present on the state of the markets.

He will look back at what happened in 2020 and forecast what could happen in 2021.

2021 State of the Markets

The presentation will help you to be aware of how it all might impact your investments and your retirement.


What do financial professionals forecast for 2021?


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On this webinar we will cover these topics:

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Featured Speaker:

Bryan Slovon
Founder, CEO

Bryan S. Slovon, Managing Partner and CEO of Stuart Financial Group, an independent financial planning firm exclusively serving retirees and soon-to be retirees in the DC Metro area. He is a financial planner specializing in retirement planning and wealth preservation to a select group of clients for over 27 years.

Bryan has been helping families and retirees develop their own individualized retirement plans based upon the unique needs of those approaching this next phase of their lives. His mission is to help manage and preserve the wealth of his clients and their families, with whom he is dedicated to building life-long relationships of trust.

Bryan has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Financial Planning, OnWallStreet, Investor’s Business Daily and other local and national media. He is a regular contributing author to